Oshawa, Canada – With over 23 years of customer service experience in retail, food hospitality, financial services and advertising promotions, creating a thriving wine shop should prove to be very satisfying. Much of my experience was spent “in the trenches” developing practical skills on the floor at retailers including Vineyard Estate Wines, Glass Act Wine Making and Cineplex Entertainment.

After taking a few wine tasting courses (locally here at Durham College), hosting wine tasting events for business associates, friends, and family, owning my wine shop will be a perfect fit for me. The shop is located in Oshawa, where I have lived my entire life and that only adds to the affection.
So, combine all that with my great love of the art of wine making and you have success waiting to happen. Come down and let me guide you as you make your own wine.

Having worked at a wine making store as well as a career in marketing and promotions, I found myself wanting to do a business on my own. When walking the floor at the Franchise Shows, the only business that appealed to me from a lifestyle, cost and interest perspective was Vin Bon. After meeting the Vin Bon team I realized I would be in business for myself, but not by myself. I have been open for 4 short weeks and have had the support of marketing, product knowledge, and technical wine training every step of the way. My goal was to advertise my business on the local radio as well as work with Vin Bon’s Marketing experts to drive traffic through my doors. My customer base is growing exponentially due to the on-line initiatives Vin Bon has in places, but let us never forget the importance of advertising and marketing your business locally and consistently. All of these factors are my keys to success. I am very pleased to be a new member of the Vin Bon team and family.

Alisha Allin